About us

TISZACASH Zrt. has been trading with agricultural land, land based real estate developments and related services, providing almost unique services in Hungary, since 1998. As a result of the company’s dynamic development in the past years, our firm is the market leader in Hungary. In case you are looking for a secure, liquid and high yield investment as a financial or strategic investor than your partner is TISZACASH Zrt.. In case you want to diversify your current investment portfolio, TISZACASH Zrt. could provide great investment opportunities for you.

Introduction to TISZACASH Zrt.

TISZACASH Zrt. was incorporated in 1998. The founder and current CEO of the company is Mr. Ferenc Nagy. Our company’s primarily businesses are the sales and management of agricultural lands and land based real estate developments.

Nagy Ferenc

Our company is nationally recognized, and trusted by many financial and strategic investors. Our company is the market leader in its field in Hungary.

Based on objective data on our activities, we manage a multi-billion Hungarian Forint worth of agricultural land portfolio and we are managing approximately one thousand sales contracts annually. In particular, we prepared and implemented a number of land based real estate development projects and we are managing high value development projects, like gravel pits, mineral water wells, geothermal heating plant, etc..

We are providing complex services, we manage projects from A to Z, we provide both front office and back office services.

The company, together with its subsidiaries, employs 30 carefully selected, highly qualified staff, including lawyers, financial, IT and agricultural professionals, salespeople, project managers and administrative staff.The company is owned by Hungarian private persons and it is based in Miskolc, the North Eastern region center of Hungary. Our offices, equipment, and several decades of experience together with the extensive relationships could help to provide our high quality, efficient and customer oriented services.

We believe that our customers’ satisfaction is the key to our success. To achieve this we are evaluating the needs of our Clients and providing high level of services. We remove the burden from our customers’ shoulders as we provide full management services.

TISZACASH Zrt. makes investment more comfortable

We are at our customers’ disposal during the preparation phase (consulting, presentation of the areas, providing details) and during the transaction phase (contracting, registration of property rights, all related administration). These services are free of charge for the investors.
According to the needs of the prospective owners / investors, TISZACASH Zrt. is able to provide the full scale ongoing project management services for a management fee. The passive investment that do not require any involvements from the owner could be converted into an active asset.



Our main criteria

  • TISZACASH Zrt. is the market leader in the trade of agricultural land and related services in Hungary.
  • We have decades of experience in agricultural land related developments, legislation, subsidies, prices of agricultural land, etc., as well as in project management.
  • During the past two decades we have developed excellent relationship with landowners, farm tenants, agencies, authorities, municipalities and other organizations which relationships significantly facilitate our work.
  • The „know-how” developed by us, our working methods „refined” during the past years, our own, specially developed IT and EPR systems, could significantly facilitate / expedite our work processes.
  • Our firm is based in Miskolc in our two centrally located properties with 500 m2 office space and thirty, well-trained and highly skilled employees.
  • During our customer-focused operations, if required, we remove the burden from our customers’ shoulders, ensuring the easy achievement of land based investments (as all the investment / back office works done by TISZACASH Zrt.).
  • We provide comprehensive services for our Clients, during which, upon evaluating the needs of our Clients, bearing in mind the interests of the Clients, relying on our experience and our resources, we provide the project management tasks from A to Z.
  • We believe in the feasibility of our projects and their high income generating capabilities.

The common features of the agricultural land based investments offered by TISZACASH Zrt.

SECURE INVESTMENT, as the owner’s rights is registered in Hungary, the full and unrestricted exercise of the ownership rights is guaranteed.

HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT, as the agricultural land based investments offered by us are having huge potentials. In the near future a dynamic value increase is expected in all of these areas, due to their strategic role, eg. mineral water = basis of life, agricultural land = basis of food production, geothermal energy = environmentally friendly, renewable energy, etc..

LIQUID INVESTMENT, as the comparative advantages of the investments (increase of market prices, increase in demand, high yields) and a relatively high number of potential buyers the sales could be concluded in a few months.

We hope that these unique opportunities would be of your interest. Should you have any questions or comments our investment advisors are at your disposal.

H-3530 Miskolc, Erzsébet tér 2.

+36 20 519 1081, +36 20 333 3777